To promote independence through active learning

Our school values for the whole school community are:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible



 Rodney the Respectful Rooster 


Sam the Safe Snake

Rupert the responsible Rabbit

The Yarra Ranges Way

Promoting Independence through Active Learning

At Yarra Ranges Special Developmental School, the school community has a shared belief that every child has the same right as their peers to access age-equivalent learning experiences from all learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum. Learning experiences are planned using the Victorian Curriculum at an age appropriate level. Student individual goals are aligned with the relevant achievement standard in the Victorian Curriculum at an appropriate developmental stage.

Independence and autonomy is the greatest gift we can give our students with a Developmental Delay Dr Anna Bortoli August 2019

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PRINCIPAL: Principal: Janet Taylor
ADDRESS:20 Burdap Drive, Mount Evelyn, 3796
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