Our Therapy Team, consisting of speech pathologists, occupational therapists, a physiotherapist, a music therapist and an allied health assistant, works to support all students and teachers and to work closely with families to help with home programs.  The primary aim of the therapy team is to support our students to access their educational opportunities.

Occupational Therapy

Our 2 Occupational Therapists support students in accessing their learning program. Support to families such as: equipment applications, home modifications as well as home-based programs are also available.


The Physiotherapist works on a consultancy basis within Yarra Ranges SDS. Upon referral, the Physiotherapist will assess the skills of students and then, where required, will develop a program aimed to further develop and extend these skills. These programs are continued by the classroom staff with consultation by the Physiotherapist. The aim is for these programs to be embedded into the classroom curriculum so that they occur throughout the school day rather than just during ‘therapy time’.

These programs may include:

  • Gross Motor Skills (Walking, Crawling, Getting on and off the Floor, Balancing, Climbing etc.)
  • Play Skills
  • Ball Skills
  • Bike Riding
  • Swimming
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Stretching Programs
  • Strengthening Programs
  • Gym Programs

The Physiotherapist can also liaise with private therapists, Paediatricians and other medical specialists regarding student progress, needs or issues.

The Physiotherapist also prescribes a range of specialised equipment for individual students to be used at home and school. This may include: walking frames, orthotics (AFO’s or other), strollers, wheelchairs, specialised seating, modified bicycles and tricycles. The Physiotherapist will liaise with the Occupational Therapist as required regarding this equipment


Speech Therapy

The school employs 2 speech pathologists who work across the school. The speech therapy program takes a number of approaches ranging from whole class sessions, small group work and some individual sessions. In the Middle Years section of the school, the speech pathologist works closely with the classroom teacher to identify goals and then support the teacher to implement programs which cater to that classroom and the individual goals of the students. Follow up activities are given to the teacher so that practice of skills can be timetabled across the week. Consultation in relation to feeding and swallowing issues is also available.



The services of a psychologist can be accessed through the local School Support Officers network. Referral needs to be made through the school.