meCafe and canteen

MeCafe is run by Senior Pathways students as a working enterprise that serves coffee and refreshments to staff and visitors of Yarra Ranges SDS.  Students learn how to take orders, interact with paying customers, handle money, use the coffee machine as well as maintaining occupational health and safety standards.

A canteen service is provided to school staff and students on a weekly basis by Senior Pathways students.  The menu ranges from wraps and sandwiches  to soups and simple hot meals.   This program is an ideal opportunity for students to lean food handling and preparation skills as well as  applying their literacy and numeracy skills.

Once a week Middle Years run a tuckshop where students can purchase items such as cheese sticks, packets of sultanas and other prepackaged healthy snacks.  The tuckshop is manned by a class who are responsible for selling the items, receiving payment and giving change.