Students attending YRSDS may be eligible for transport support usually in the form of access to a bus or conveyance allowance.  Students must live at least 4.9 kilometers away from the school to be eligible for transport

Help with student transport

If you live within our school’s Designated Transport Area (DTA), you may be able to get help with transporting your child to and from our school through the Department of Education and Training’s Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP). To find out if you live in our DTA, enter your address into the DTA search function on the Getting to and from school for students with disability page of the Department’s website.

Instructions for how to apply for help through the SDTP are also available on the Getting to and from school for students with disability page, along with information about SDTP eligibility criteria and other transport help available to families of students with disability.

To be eligible for travel support, students also must reside within the designated transport area of the school. Transport networks do not extend beyond the designated transport area so students residing in other areas will need to arrange independent travel if they wish to attend a specific location. For some families it will be necessary to meet a bus at a pick-up point to assist with service efficiency and minimize travel time for all students.

Parents have a number of responsibilities in relation to bus transport including:

  • Providing the transport co-ordinator with a minimum of three after hour contact numbers, which will include mobile and landline. These will be forwarded to Crown Coaches.
  • Informing the school of changes to address and contact numbers which will be forwarded to Crown Coaches.
  • Having your child ready and waiting under supervision to hand them over to the bus supervisor and receiving their child from the bus in the afternoon.  Please note the bus driver will wait for a maximum of 3 minutes after the designated time, the bus driver will then continue on the bus run.
  • Notifying the bus company in the morning, if your child is not attending school by phone (Ph 98451455) or online at quoting your child’s name, ID number and Run. The school transport co-ordinator will inform Crown Coaches of any other changes to student transport.
  • Notifying the transport co-ordinator if another person is to meet their child at the drop off point and the transport co-ordinator will ensure that Crown Coaches receive this information.  Parents will be notified and are to collect children from the school if they have been returned during the journey due to an incident or behaviour beyond the management of the bus supervisor.
  • Providing the school with information on emergency procedures for students with specific medical requirements such as epilepsy, asthma and anaphylaxis in the knowledge that it will be forwarded to Crown Coaches.

Transport to respite at Gateway Lilydale is available only  if there is a seat available on the bus.  This is arranged through the transport co-ordinator and must be organized well in advance.  Please keep respite bags to a minimal size.