Senior Pathways

The Senior Pathways curriculum for students aged 16 to 18 has been developed to provide a link between school and adult life.
The curriculum is intended to be an inclusive framework that meets the individual needs of all senior students. It allows students to explore post-school options, provides opportunities and learning experiences that support the development of independent work and personal skills; enabling students to live as a valued member of society.

Work education is delivered both within formal supported work placements and flexibly across all learning areas.
Students in this section of the school are encouraged to take additional responsibilities in their involvement in the whole school and wider community. This may include: running the school canteen, being a member of the Student Leadership Team, organization of the recycling program, school newsletter/magazine production, participation in the organization of senior school functions and mentoring younger students. Regular community access through the use of school owned buses as well as public transport services.

The key areas of the curriculum are:

  • Communication
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Personal Development
  • Living Skills
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Functional Maths
  • Functional Literacy
  • Work Education

Continued emphasis on academic skill development is incorporated within these areas as appropriate.

The purpose built transition area contains a kitchen and laundry area so that the students can develop their skills in a homelike atmosphere.
In the final year of schooling, families are supported by school staff in evaluating and selecting appropriate adult placements for their child.
At the end of each year, a graduation dinner is held for our final year students and their families.



‘Gerties’ senior life skills centre.